Hell’s Kitchen October 6 2010 Who was kicked off 10/6/10 Results

Hell’s Kitchen October 6, 2010 tonight will have the remaining chefs face challenges once again. The show goes retro as it shows a high school prom. Chef Ramsay will have enough. Who’s he going to get kicked off on Hell’s Kitchen 10/6/10?

One of the challenges is for the teams to impress the students with their proposed menu. Will the students be impressed? The team who will win will go the an amusement park as a prize. Meanwhile, the other challenge is for the chefs to create an innovative entree salad. Who will win this time? They must do their best since the best salad will be featured on Bon Appetit magazine and will be served at the dinner service as main dish.

Who will be nominated for eliminated at the end of each episode? In two weeks straight, Chef Ramsay has eliminated someone that was not nominated. Will it be the case again this time?

Who do you think will get eliminated? Updates will be here for you to find out who got kicked off Hell’s Kitchen October 6, 2010.

Updates: Emily was eliminated in Part 1. Melissa was eliminated in Part 2.


The ladies lost the challenge. The ladies think Sabrina isn’t the best chef tonight.

Sabrina gets to pick who to go home.

Sabrina talks to the Blue team. Jillian wants to put up Gail.

Melissa and Emily gets nominated.

Nona was asked who should go home, she said it should be Emily.

Emily was eliminated.


Melissa was transferred to the blue team. Sabrina thought her arch-enemy will be kicked off.

Trevor transferred to the red team.

Blue team won the tasting challenge. Rob wins and will be featured in the Bon Appetit magazine.

Sabrina and Nona nominated from the Red team

Boris and Melissa nominated from the Blue team

Melissa was sent home.

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