Hell’s Kitchen September 12, 2011 Who was kicked off 9/12/11 Results

Hell’s Kitchen September 12, 2011, is the second to the last episode before the finale next week. Five chefs remain since no one was asked to take off his or her jacket last week. But tonight, it is sure that one will be leaving. Who will be the final four and who gets kicked off Hell’s Kitchen 9/12/11 results?

Former contestants were formed last week consisting of Ben from season 5, Tennille and Vanfrom season 6, Jillian and Trev from season 8. They competed against the black team during dinner service. We thought the All-Stars team will win since they are much experienced with this. Instead, the black team won after getting a 96% approval rate, compared to the All-Stars’ approval rate of only 80%. That was the reason why no one was sent home last week but will it still happen later?

Our guess is, Jennifer will be leaving. How about you? Any predictions?

It could be one of the three guys or it could be Elise, but of course, updates on who are in the final four will be posted. The one who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen September 12, 2011 results will be here as well.

Update: Jennifer was eliminated; Thoughts?

72 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen September 12, 2011 Who was kicked off 9/12/11 Results

  1. can somebody pleast tell me who the final four are i thought i recorded it while i was at work but i didnt and im kinda pi*sed lol please tell me who the final four are or better yet who was eliminated thank you

  2. I stopped watching th show like 2 weeks ago when Elizabeth got eliminated rather than Elise! I can’t stay her and her loud self… Why can’t Ramsey see through the lies and send her ass home! Elise has no talents whatsoever urghhh!!!!

  3. It would be one thing if Elise were an arrogant lass who could consistently cook. But unfortunately for her she’s just an arrogant ass who has moments of brilliance. Jen on the other hand pulled her own weight through the drowning red team and earned her black jacket based upon her ability to COOK! Yes Jen has had a couple of slip-ups but they were minor. Elise on the other hand has had countless mistakes and a ridiculous amount of second chances. Sending Jen home was total bs! Will and Paul gladly through her under the bus, because she’s a threat and they know for a fact they can beat Elise and Tommy. It’s Funny how the social aspect applies to everyone except for Elise.

  4. I think Elise is only still on bcuz she makes for good tv. I’m from Pittsburgh (& black) and know her personally, and she really is a grimey person. She claims to be with her kids father but still sleeps around with a few dudes I know. She lies and she cheats to get ahead. If she only knew what the drop is gona be like after she shits on everyone around her while trying to get to the top. She just doesn’t deserve the title and her cooking ain’t all that either. I wish we had someone better to rep our city cuz I’m a little ashamed.

  5. the only reason i beieve elise is still on the show is because she most probably scr*w*d chef ramsey and he feels threatened by her. why else would he be so stupid and keep her on? the show is painful with her on it…. and fyi its a tv show, non of the winners ever go on to being the boss of nada…

  6. I’m from Pittsburgh and know for a fact that Elise was fired from her last restaurant job for acting exactly how she’s acting on the show. If she wins and lands the BLT job, you’ll be able to get a table there at ANY time, because no one with integrity will want to eat there. And I’m an African American woman, so don’t even tell me I’m playing the race card. She’s a disgrace to our race!

  7. Elise is an idiot. She could never lead a kitchen because you have to show respect to earn respect. And she doesn’t know how to take responsibility for anything. She’s impossible and should of been canned several weeks ago.
    The fact she’s still on the show is because it’s a reality show and her being an idiot sells ratings because she infuriates people.

    But the mere fact of her running anything professionally (beyond like a McDonald’s or a Wendy’s Kitchen) is a pipe-dream.

    If Will doesn’t win, then the show is staged. He’s the most solid, even-keel, experienced cook on the show.

    Elise is not only a crappy team mate, she’s a crappy person, in general. Back stabber, never a true friend and unable to (wo)man-up and take charge/responsibility.

    She’s a joke and I agree … if she even makes it to the final, then it’s a staged show.

  8. No way she’ll win the whole thing. They’ve kept contestants like her in the past. The drama is good for ratings. When she sees how the show was edited she’ll be upset.
    If I was one of the final two I’d want to up against her.

  9. Real sad to keep Elise just for the storyline of the show. Ramsay loses creditability for bending in this decision. Jennifer excelled more throughout this series than any of the other women. Jennifer will have no trouble working in the field but Elise is in for a lot of trouble since she is not a team player nor truthful also it goes without saying she is not a leader, a leader has admirers or followers.

  10. Elise should have been kicked off. She can’t cook and she’s not a team player and she stands around looking at eveyrone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have watched Hell’s Kitchen for a long time, I even went to Culinary School to better my skills and become a fine Chef ( in this line of work for 30 yrs.)and to see someone like ELISE is a disgrace to the uniform. I agree if she wins this, Chef Ramsay, I think will loose respect from a lot of people, I for one will not watch his show ever again and may just burn my $20.00 cook book of his. I hope he reads these and listens to the people and not that LOUD MOUTH FOOL. Thank You.

  12. Elise may be a Witch, but she is so capable of doing the job with a little training. She has proven over & over that she is a GREAT Chief & that’s what it’s all albout!!

  13. If Elise wins, I will never watch another Gordon Ramsey anything, there is no way he can allow that cancer to continue to spread. I swear I would have sent her packing when she lied to Chef Ramseys face about scoring the meat. She is a lying, Manipulative, all around horrible person and it is time for her to be sent packing.

  14. All else aside, I want Elise to win. No matter how much you dislike her, she has had the most praises from Gordon… Im not dating her, so I don’t care too much about her personality, but I’m positive she is a great cook… Her getting fired from a previous job for her attitude is irrelevant. Congratulations for known that though! Do u walk around the burgh saying that? Pretty pathetic claim to fame. Bottom line, STOP HATIN!!!

  15. I don’t know what you all were watching but Elise was getting double tripled teamed by all of them. She had to be the way she was. I thought she was a team player but the other cooks always tried to screw her. I’m just telling it how I see it. Let’s be honest here people…

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