Hell’s Kitchen September 29 2010 Who was kicked off 9/29/10 Results

Hell’s Kitchen September 29, 2010 airs tonight on Fox at 8pm. Another 2-hour episode is in-store for the viewers as the 13 chefs compete. Who will be kicked off at the first part and the second part of Hell’s Kitchen 9/29/10? Who gets eliminated?

Time management is a must even for the chefs as they are challenged to make a fast but yummy breakfast for 50 hungry EMTs. Who will win the challenge and who will lose? The chefs will also be tasked to make a ravioli from scratch. Will it be that easy to make one?

Meanwhile, the teams will have a hard time during the dinner service as they have to cook dishes properly and on time for a customer’s marriage proposal.. The show won’t be complete when Chef Ramsay didn’t get mad and this episode isn’t an exception.

Which team will be on the block and who will get nominated for elimination? Stay tuned for some updates tonight on who got kicked off Hell’s Kitchen September 29, 2010 results here.

Updates: Raj was eliminated; Louis was eliminated


Dinner service – Chef Ramsay’s enraged with raw food by Raj;

Raj seems not to know to cook;

Red team lost, two will be nominated where one will go;

Emily and Sabrina nominated; Raj was eliminated!


Challenge – make their own ravioli; The blue team won;

Dinner service – Italian night

Red team – nominated Sabrina and Melissa

Blue team – Forrest Borris and Louis

Louis was sent home

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