Hell’s Kitchen Winner September 10, 2012 Finale, Who won Season 10 9/10/12?

The second part of Hell’s Kitchen finale airs tonight on Fox. After three months, we’ll get to find out this season’s winner. Who do you think will it be? Will it be Justin, who have only been nominated once the entire season? Is it going to be Christina, who have never been nominated even once?

Last week, Christina won the first challenge so she was able to pick her teammates. She chose Dana, Patrick, Kimmie and Robyn in her team while Justin chose Barbie, Brian, Royce and Clemenza. At the end of last week, Clemenza walked out when Justin told him to leave if he doesn’t feel he wants to be there. Will he ever be back?

Christina just want to have fun and put her fate in her teammates, telling them not to call her chef since she won’t answer. One of the chefs instead told her she’s going to call her biatch. Will that work for her and the other chefs?

Meanwhile, choosing Robyn might not do Christina good for her team, as she tends to be careless and ahve an attitude according to her. But why did she choose her instead of Barbie?

Dana is also having a hard time with scallops and halibut. Will these two be the reason for Christina’s failure in winning this season?

Over in Justin’s team, will everything go well? Who will Chef Ramsay announce as this season’s winner? Any predictions? Do these two deserve to be on the show tonight?

Anyway, my prediction is Christina will be this season’s winner. How about you?

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Update: Christina wins Hell’s Kitchen! Details will be posted later!

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