Hell’s Kitchen Winner September 19, 2011 Finale, Who won Season 9 9/19/11?

Who won Hell’s Kitchen season 9? The finale airs September 19, 2011. It will be a two-hour season finale with the four chefs competing in the first hour until two chefs remain in the second half. Four chefs remain with Elise, Paul, Will and Tommy. Only one will win, Who do you think will be Hell’s Kitchen season 9 winner 9/19/11?

Only Elise remains among the girls and she competes with the other three male chefs. Will she be able to win against them? Many thinks she should have been gone while many likes her too. Will she be head chef at BLT Steak? Who will Chef Ramsay put through the finals?

Our prediction is Will to be the winner. How about you? Who do you think will it be?

Find out updates on the show here. Find out who is Hell’s Kitchen season 9 winner as we’ll update this post tonight, September 19, 2011.

Update: Paul Niedermann wins Hell’s Kitchen 9!

Will Lustberg and Paul Niedermann are the final two!

The two got to work with former teammates

Elise is in Paul’s team

41 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen Winner September 19, 2011 Finale, Who won Season 9 9/19/11?

  1. I worked in the restaurant business for 15 years. It is hard to work with lazy people and mean people. I am glad Elise is off.
    P.S. Elise is one of the latter.

  2. im glad elise is gone because she thought she was better then everyone else and it made me so sick to see her she should of went home a long time ago jennifer was a way better cook then elise and jennifer should of been in the top 4 instead of elise

  3. Who didnt know that, d*mbsh*t….they wanted her black ass gone when she arrived…..you must b a f…..ing blonde ass rocket scientist…not, BIATCH

  4. Be Green Get over yourself!!! You really need to grow up. Trying to start sh*t. She deserved to go her attitude is what got her kicked off. Are you two related?

  5. I actually wanted elise to win even if she has attitude she was good it sucks that paul won cuz he was the last person I wanted it to win. Disappointed 🙁

  6. awww. I wanted Will to win 🙁
    Paul played the whoa is me, feel sorry for me card cus my mama died before I came on the show. waaa waaa waaa
    All in all it was a good show though. I’m glad, like everyone else Elise didn’t win. The only reason she was on the show as long as she was, was for ratings.

  7. Man elise was actually a good cook, and later when she was unsure she was at least able to ask. The reason she lasted is because the fact she is a b**** has nothing to do with her talent. Unfortunately with an attitude like that she has no business being a head chef anywhere.

    What gets me is will losing. Paul without a doubt was good and I wanted to see those two in the final, but with pauls ups and downs and wills consitancy, it’s hard to see how paul took the win.

  8. The best chef did not win. Will was better than all the competitors by far. Paul was on the cop a plea line and screwed up a couple of services. Will’s only mistake the whole show was having that d*mb a*s trying to cook fish the last service. Gordon that’s two in a row you got wrong.

  9. I agree with Bill
    Will shoulda won hands down hes never messed up on any service or had a bad nite. Very talented cook!
    Paul did screw up services in the beginning.. he was better at the end but Will still should have won..

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