Kathy Hillis Big Brother 13 Interview Video

Kathy Hillis is a Deputy Sheriff from Arkansas.  The oldest among the contestants who could be the Big Brother Saboteur.  Check out her hot seat video below.

What is your biggest fear in the game besides eviction?

– My biggest fear in the game besides getting evicted would be not getting along with the House Guests the most.  My goal is to get along with everybody and get along with the women, get along with the men, have a great time.  So my fear is to not be able to get along with them and letting my family and friends down.

Are you on Big Brother for the money, the fame, the showmance or just to prove you can do it?

– The reason I want to be on Big B is to prove I can do it.  Nothing else, no fame, no money, no showmance

Who has been your favorite all time House Guest and why?

– My biggest favorite guest would be evil Dick.  Evil Dick played an awesome game.  He wrought the house and they should have get him out when they could.  He’s awesome player.

What is your strategy coming into the Big Brother house?

– My strategy is to be myself, to learn how everybody works, learn their personalities upfront and then go from their personalities into game play.  That’s my strategy.

What is one secret that you wouldn’t want the other House Guests to find out?

– The secret that I don’t the other House Guests to know the most about me is I’m gonna tell I’m a Deputy Sheriff but I’m not gonna tell them that I’ve worked undercover and that I’ve worked for criminal investigations and I’m trying criminal profiling and I can be human lie detector if need to be.

Will you tell any lies about yourself while in the house?

– Yes I do plan to tell lies about myself in the house.  That’s the way the game’s played.  I’m gonna start off telling the truth but then there’s gonna be some stories, some lies.  I’m not lie about me, I just wanna call out lies on the other House Guests.

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