Kent Boyd Tightrope Video

Kent Boyd partners with Kathryn McCormick for a Jazz dance number with Sonya Tayeh as the choreographer.  They danced to the music of Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope”.

It was fun watching them dance!

Adam – he talks about Kent saying the show’s rating will go up, LOL.  Kent you are something else.  That was really good.

Mia – You’re a strong dancer.  However this is for me that problem is that your face gets animated…It bothered me a little bit but dance, technique wise, it was solid.

Kenny – I like the choreography.  Kent, you’re awesome

Nigel – I almost outdanced the All Stars

The number to dial if you want to vote for Kent Boyd is – 1 888 6 BEST (2378) 05

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