Kristen Bitting Big Brother 12 Interview Video

Boutique Manager Kristen Bitting is one of the girls in Big Brother 12.  According to her, she’s strong-minded, kind-hearted and motivated.  Is she really?  We’ll find out as we get to follow Big Brother.  Anyway, check out here hot seat interview video.

What made you want to be on Big Brother?

– What made me want to be on Big Brother was the whole idea of the show, the game…. I’ve always liked the premises of the show.

What do you want to use the money for if you are the winner?

– What i want to use the money for?  A few different things.  I want to use the money to donate a little bit to a good cause.  I would also want to give a portion of that money to my mom because she’s been a big motivator for me.  She’s also one of the people who really pushed me to do this.  I would want to use the rest of the money to invest on my own business since I’m pretty entrepreneurial and ultimately I want to do my own thing after everything set and done so this would be a huge help.

How are you going to play the game like nobody has played it?

– I’m gonna play the game like nobody ever played it because, I’m gonna be myself from the very beginning.  But I’m multi-faceted so I’m gonna show my softer, sweeter side in the beginning and then I’m going to, when the time is right, start to play the game harder and harder as time goes on.  I think a lot of people go into the game either play it really way to hard or they don’t play it hard enough and I think there is a fine line that I’m gonna try to kind of, have a balancing at, and a timing at and do things when the time is right.

Are you going to be a bitter jury member if you make it that far because you didn’t win?

– I am not gonna be a bitter jury member if I don’t make it to the end.  I will be a fair and just jury member, just as I would be in a regular jury in life.  I would make decisions based of who deserves things the most regardless of what happened between me and other people.  I think that once you make it that far, you have to be logical as to who deserves it the most in the end.

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