Lane Elenburg Big Brother 12 Interview Video

Lane Elenburg, 24 is an oil rig salesman from Texas.  He describes himself as outgoing, funny and athletic.  Check out his hot seat interview video below.

What gives you the advantage over the other House Guests to help you win at the end?

– What give the the advantage over the other House Guests would probably be I’m a salesman outside the house so getting to get the knows on is not a big deal to me and letting them fall into my friendship kind of deal, letting them comfortable with me would probably be the easiest thing for me.  I think that’s an advantage over most of the House Guests hopefully.

Besides winning, what’s the one thing you want to accomplish on Big Brother?

– It would probably be the experience, the competitions and seeing my flaws that I don’t know I have.

What will you miss the most from home?

– Seeing my parents anytime I want to see them, talk to my brother and sister when I have a question over something and feed my dogs in the morning.  I think I would miss that a lot.

Are you on Big Brother for the money, the fame, the showmance or just to prove you can do it?

– I am on Big Brother, first, it would be for the money, of course and to prove that I can do it to the rest of my friends and the world.

What is your strategy coming into the Big Brother house?

– My strategy coming in, well everyone’s strategy changes once you’ve been in the house and once the first week has gone by.  So I know what’s gonna change so my main priority would be, the first impression to me is the biggest thing.  First I want to make friends, put a good taste in their mouth of how I am, become their buddy and see how it goes from there.

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