Lauren Froderman & Ade Obayomi Jazz Dance

Lauren Froderman’s second All-Star dance partner for the night is Ade Obayomi. They danced jazz to the music of “Hide U” by Kosheen which was choreographed by Sean Cheesman. Again, it was an amazing performance from Lauren.

Nigel – it was really strong work, it was masculine work. Lauren you were a strong woman. This girl deserves to be in the finale. I hope we’ll see you there next week Lauren.

Tyce – Yes Lauren, great job. dancing in the hills, absolutely fantastic job. I think there would have been a little more ferociousness at the end and I’m saying this for love. Great job.

Mia – You’re a best. i love strong dancers and you are that.

Adam – I am going to say the only word the dancer wants to hear. I want to hire you. I think it will be my privilege to work with you.

Great job Lauren, we hope you’ll be in the finals next week.

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