Live to Dance February 2, 2011 Results 2/2/11 Finals

Live to Dance February 2, 2011 is the final performance of the contestants as they take the stage for the last time. Before that, we will know who among the acts last week will be included. Who do you think won America’s vote for the finals? As always, Live to Dance 2/2/11 results will be here.

Dance Town Chaos from last week won the judges’ choice so one among Jill & Jacob, Kendall Glover, Tap Sounds Underground, Shore Thing and Roosevelt Anderson will be performing in the finals. Who do you think will it be?

The other finalists are The Vibe, D’Angelo & Amanda, Twitch, and White Tree Fine Art. Are you excited to see them perform again tonight? We can’t wait to watch it tonight!

Who will win the viewers’ vote tonight? Again, live updates will be posted here for you to find out the Live to Dance February 2, 2011 results.

Update: Kendall Glover won viewers’ vote

Twitch – (Text 1 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3861

White Tree Fine Art – (Text 2 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3862

The Vibe – (Text 3 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3863

Kendall Glover – (Text 4 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3864

Dance Town Chaos – (Text 5 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3865

D’Angelo and Amanda – (Text 6 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3866

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