Live to Dance January 12 2011 Results Semi Final Round 1 1/12/11

Live to Dance January 12, 2011 episode will have the 18th contestant who was voted by the fans to join the other semi finalists. Who do you think among Inside the Box, White Tree Fine Art and Theatrix gets the most votes from the fans? Find out on Live to Dance 1/12/11 results.

It’s the first of the three semi-final episodes where the first batch, consisting of six acts each week, will be performing live. Two among the six acts will advance to the next round. One will be chosen by the judges and one will be chosen by America’s vote.

Who do you think will make it to the next round of the competition which is the final round? Live updates on tonight’s episode will be posted here. Find out who gets voted by the fans and find out more of Live to Dance January 12, 2011 results here.

Updates: White Tree Fine Art in the semi-finals; The Vibe in the finals;

White Tree Fine Art won America’s vote and included in the semi-finals

The Vibe performs – 3 gold stars (Text 1 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3861

Jittin’ Genius performs – 3 gold stars (Text 2 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3862

Chi-Town Finest Breakers – 1 gold stars (Text 3 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3863

Austen Acevedo – 3 Xs (Text 4 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3864

Bev & Hap – 1 gold stars (Text 5 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3865

D’Angelo & Amanda – 3 gold stars (Text 6 to 97979) 1-855-548-3866

The judges has put through The Vibe to the next round.

6 thoughts on “Live to Dance January 12 2011 Results Semi Final Round 1 1/12/11

  1. I would like to say that amanda and d’angelo won hands down on jan 12, 2010! They were spectacular!
    i really hope that they win! Iam voting for them 100times! they won from the beginning!

  2. I thought D’Angelo & Amanda got robbed. To be that talented at that age? I’m jealous since I have never been a good dancer and those two have amazing chemistry! Paula must still be on the Hooch since she doesn’t know real talent and voted for the Vibe????

  3. This show is a total joke, and Paula’s on Drugs again, this is the best they have to offer the top 18 from the whole country auditioning?
    3 X’s for the AMAZINGLY talented Austen Acevedo, WHAT THE F? That kid is the only one who will ABSOLUTELY MOST DEFINITELY have a real dance career! Also D’Angelo & Amanda should advance, the rest take a bow and say thank you for the National air time, and go home and back to other things!

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