Live to Dance January 19 2011 Results Semi Final Round 2 1/19/11

Live to Dance January 19, 2011 episode is the semi final round 2. One of the semi finalists last week will win America’s vote as it will be revealed tonight. Who do you think advances among the five acts? Live to Dance 1/19/11 results here soon.

The Vibe is already in the finals so it will be either Jittin’ Genius, Chi-Town Finest Breakers, Austen Acevedo, Bev & Hap and D’Angelo & Amanda. One of them will be the winner of America’s vote. Who did you vote for?

Meanwhile, the six acts to perform live are Jalen, Du-Shaunt, Dance In Flight, Dax & Sarah, Twitch and White Tree Fine Art. Who will the judges choose to advance to the finals? Who will get three gold stars and who will not get even one?

We’ll try to give live updates will be here again as well as the text or phone numbers to vote your favorite. The one chosen by the judges and who gets voted by the fans and will be here. Stay tuned for Live to Dance January 19, 2011 results.

Updates: D’Angelo & Amanda win America’s vote;  White Tree Fine Art in the finals;

Jalen – 3 gold stars (Text 1 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3861

Dance In Flight – 2 gold stars (Text 2 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3862

Twitch – 3 gold stars (Text 3 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3863

Du-Shaunt – 3 red stars (Text 4 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3864

Dax & Sarah – Dax has injury – 2 gold stars (Text 5 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3865

White Tree Fine Art – 3 gold stars (Text 6 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3866

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