Live to Dance January 26, 2011 Results 1/26/11 Semi Final Round 3

Live to Dance January 26, 2011 is last semi final round. The last six acts will be performing tonight but before that, we’ll find out who won America’s vote from last week’s acts. Who would you want to advance to the finals? Live to Dance 1/26/11 results will be here once again.

One among┬áJalen, Dance in Flight, Twitch, Du-Shant Stegall and Dax & Sarah will be voted by the fans. We are thinking it would be Dax & Sarah but we’ll find out later on.

Meanwhile, Kendall Glover, Tap Sounds Underground, Jill & Jacob, Dance Town Chaos, Shore Thing and Roosevelt Anderson are the performers tonight.

Who will be the judges’ choice and who will need the votes of the fans? Live updates will be here again so stay tuned for it. Updates on Live to Dance January 26, 2011 results will be posted here as well as the numbers to vote.

Updates: Twitch won America’s vote; Dance Town Chaos in the finals as judges’ choice

Dance Town Chaos – (Text 1 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3861

Jill & Jacob – 1 gold star? (Text 2 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3862

Roosevelt Anderson – (Text 3 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3863

Tap Sounds Underground – (Text 4 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3864

Shore Thing – (Text 5 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3865

Kendall Glover – – (Text 6 to 97979) – 1-855-548-3866

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