Live to Dance January 5 2011 Top 18 1/5/11

It’s Live to Dance episode 2 tonight, January 5, 2011 and we’ll find out who made it to the top 18 among those who auditioned. Will our favorites be included in the list? Who are the Live to Dance Top 18 that will be announced 1/5/11?

Among those seen on television yesterday night, the ones we liked are D’Angelo and Amanda, The Academy, Supatrix and Dance In Flight. There are lots more but only 18 will make it to the next round. The episode tonight will only be 30 minutes long, airing from 8pm to 8:30pm ET. Maybe we’ll see some more auditions then those who made it will be revealed.

Who do you think will make it to Live to Dance Top 18 1/5/11? We’ll update this post so please bookmark this page.

Updates: Here are the chosen contestants. The viewers has to vote for the other two contestants so it’s top 16 for now. Kendall Glover was chosen by the judges to be in the Semi-Finals

Live to Dance Top 18/16

D’Angelo & Amanda
Bev & Hap
The Vibe
Chi-Town Finest Breakers
Tap Sounds Underground
Jill & Jacob
Jittin’ Genius
Dax & Sarah
Dance Town Chaos
Du-Shant Stegall
Shore Thing
Roosevelt Anderson
Austen Acevedo
Dance in Flight

The following were asked to go back to compete for the final two slots and America has to vote:

Inside the Box
White Tree Fine Art

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