Live to Dance Winner February 9 2011 Finale, Who won 2/9/11?

Who won Live to Dance season 1? It’s the season finale tonight and the first winner among the final six will be announced. Who among them will be the Live to Dance winner 2/9/11? Who do yo want to win? We are so excited to find out the results.

The final six are Twitch, Kendall Glover, White Tree Fine Art, The Vibe, D’Angelo & Amanda and Dance Town Chaos. All of them were given three stars by the judges except for The Vibe, who was given two stars. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the chance to win since it’s up to the viewers who will win.

Who are you guessing to win the first season of the show? We do love D’Angelo & Amanda as well as Kendall Glover. Actually, all of them are good but we are predicting Kendall Glover to win. How about you?

Anyway, want to see the performances once again? You can check it out on CBS as the videos are already available on the official site.

Who is the Live to Dance winner? This post will be updated soon.

Updates: D’Angelo and Amanda wins Live to Dance! the won $500M! Kendall Glover in second place.

Top 3:

D’Angelo and Amanda

White Tree Fine Art

Kendal Glover

Third Place – White Tree Fine Art

4 thoughts on “Live to Dance Winner February 9 2011 Finale, Who won 2/9/11?

  1. In Dayton, OH there was a basketball game on and I didn’t get to see any of the show! sure would like to kow who won. ??????????

  2. just wondering what second and third place winners won on Live to Dance . it would be a shame if there was no money left over for these fantastic dancers

  3. I just wanted to add that I really enjoyed Live to Dance and think that Paula was outstanding….more to come Paula???
    What a great way to show everyone that you are something else…Congratulations for such a successful show I couldn’t wait for it to come on each week

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