Mary Murphy Returns to So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance will have Mary Murphy back as the choreographer and dance judge returns in season 8. Murphy will be joining Nigel Lythgoe as resident judge. Are you excited to see her again on the show?

According to Nigel Lythgoe, “I am delighted to have Mary back on the show. Her expertise in dance, coupled with her warmth, compassion and humor, make her an excellent judge and fun to work with.”

Mary Murphy became a permanent judge on So You Think You Can Dance beginning in season 3 until season 7, where she was replaced by Mia Michaels. In the upcoming season 8, she’ll be the permanent judge again so be prepared for “Hot Tamales” comments again.

4 thoughts on “Mary Murphy Returns to So You Think You Can Dance

  1. I would be happy if I never saw, or especially heard
    Mary Murphy again for the rest of my life!
    She is loud, brash,flaky, and she usually seems to be drunk out of her mind. People made fun of Paula Abdul on American Idol for seemingly being doped-up, But Mary Murphy makes Paula look like a Girl Scout. I was thrilled when I thought Ms. Murphy
    was gone forever. Now, I refuse to watch SYTYCD, because I just can’t stand the loony Bitch!

  2. yes I would love to see her back..she was great. Mia Michaels played favorites…mary was more neutral and gives better critiques… her

  3. i am soooo happy that Mary is coming back. she was really missed last season. SYTYCD is the best reality show, along with the new season of idol. The new judges made it a hit like Dance. Keep up the great advice given to the dancers.

  4. I love SYTYCD and I LOVE Mary Murphy. I was sad to find out she was not one of the judges on the previous season. Although I would never not watch the show, I’m glad she’s back.

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