MasterChef August 1, 2011 Results 8/1/11

MasterChef August 1, 2011 will have the home cooks face another grueling challenge. Only eight remain, four guys and four ladies. Who will be leaving tonight? There could be a double elimination as the judges trim down the contestants. Who gets kicked off MasterChef 8/1/11 results? We’ll find out soon.

Last week, the top three in mystery box challenge as Christian, Adrien and Ben, but Adrien won. On the other hand, the theme in elimination challenge was pork, where the top 2 dishes belonging to Christine and Christian. The bottom three were Suzy, Jennifer and Alejandra but since Alejandra served raw pork, she was sent home.

This episode, viewers might witness two contestants who will be leaving. Who do you think will it be? Could it be a guy and a girl, two girls or two guys? What will be the theme of the challenge?

Updates on who was eliminated on MasterChef August 1, 2011 results to be posted.

Update: No one was eliminated, so tomorrow could be a double elimination

Ben, Christine, Suzy, Tracy won the Team Challenge

Adrien, Christian, Jennifer, Derrick competed in pressure test

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  1. No, the elimination is usually on Tuesday night. I, too missed the ending :(. Who made the better kids meals?

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