MasterChef August 14, 2012 Results 8/14/12

MasterChef is back with an all-new episode tonight on Fox, with a new schedule and time slot. Airing from 9pm to 10pm every Tuesdays beginning tonight, the final 6 will battle it out on the next set of challenges. However, one of them will be going home at the end of the episode. Who could it be?

The pressure gets higher as the 6 remaining contestants do the team challenge. They will go to Hollywood and take over Hatfield’s, which is one of the most talked about restaurants in Hollywood. While there, they will be split into two teams and must replicate the restaurant’s signature dishes. The team that executes a fine dining experience which impresses the judges, restaurant owners and hungry diners wins the challenge.

It’s going to be girls vs boys as the red team will consist of Monti, Christine and Becky while the blue team will consist of Frank, David and Josh.

The red team has asked Christine to taste their dish. However, Joe thinks she’s a liability since she can’t she. Another drama the judges want to make of the show? Meanwhile, seems like Monti’s having a problem with her hearing as Becky keeps on repeating what she has to do.

Meanwhile, over at the blue team, David thinks the challenge is one of the difficult they have done. He’s making a big mess while preparing the dishes, melting the plastic with oil in it and burning a dish. Will he get back his composure.

Back at the red team, the red team cannot serve one of the dishes since they have to coordinate with the blue team, which is behind the preparation and that dish is the most crucial since it is the one they are going to serve to the people that created the dish.

Then later on, Joe will, of course, take back what he said to Christine and apologize. But is her team safe from elimination or they will be facing the pressure test?

Anyway, the results of tonight’s episode will be provided, as always. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for it. Find out the next contestant who gets eliminated on MasterChef’s August 14, 2012 episode.

Update: David has been eliminated. Details will be posted later!

Team challenge – Becky, Christine and Monti vs Frank, David and Josh

Becky and Frank are the team captains.

They have to cook two appetizers and two entrees.

Challenge winner – Becky’s team. Thus, Frank, David and Josh are facing the pressure test.

Frank takes the spot to save himself from elimination instead of choosing other team members.

David vs Josh – they have to make a three-part fillet mignon. David was sent home. But Graham Elliot offers him a job in one of his restaurants.

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  1. I like Christine…..and Josh…..I can see them headvto head…..but keep in mind….Frank is very loveable….it’s hard to choose

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