MasterChef August 15, 2011 Finale Part 1 Results 8/15/11

MasterChef August 15, 2011 is the first part of the season 2 finale. Only four remains, two guys and two ladies. Another grueling challenge is what these homecooks will face. After the many challenges, who won’t make it to tomorrow’s final two? Who gets kicked off MasterChef 8/15/11 results?

We thought Ben will be one of the final four and we were surprised he didn’t. Many of the viewers also couldn’t believe that he was sent home last week, disagreeing with the results. Some said Suzy should have gone home but she’s still in the competition. Will she be the one to leave tonight? What will be the challenges, the mystery box and elimination challenge for tonight?

Who will be the final three contestants? Our guess is Christian, Jennifer and Suzy. How about you?

Anyway, we’ll provide updates if it’s Adrien who was eliminated on MasterChef August 15, 2011 results or not. Find it out here.

Update: Suzy was eliminated;

Suzy to choose her team mate and she chose Christian

Other teams are Jennifer and Adrien

Judges from the other countries which has MasterChef visited to criticize the dishes

Suzy & Christian’s dish – judges said there’s animosity instead of harmony

Jennifer & Adrien’s dish – cleaning issue with the prawn.

Jennifer & Adrien wins the challenge, so Suzy & Christian in the pressure test

Lemon merengue pie – Suzy vs Christian – one will be leaving


16 thoughts on “MasterChef August 15, 2011 Finale Part 1 Results 8/15/11

  1. As long as its Adrian or Jennifer, either would be acceptable. Christian was good t.v. that’s all, but not the best cook by far!!

  2. I want Jennifer to win it all!! Christian needs to go home he thinks that he is great and he feels that he is the best he is not

  3. I’m glad Suzy went home, she was an undercover stuck up brat. I don’t recall any other contestant talking as much trash as she did during testimonials, but when face to face was acting all nice. Now she knows how it felt for all of the other people, of whom she was saying should get sent home, that got eliminated. Good riddance Ms. know-it-all.

  4. Suzy and Christain were both overinflated egos with under inflated ability. Christian made a statement about overcoming dr*gs. If he is working a 12 step program he falls short on humility. He acts like a dry druggy.

  5. I miss Ben. He is such a great guy. He should apply to compete on the Next Food Network Network Star. I think he has the “it” factor. I would watch him for sure. He just makes you happy. And, all of us need a little happy these days.

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