MasterChef August 2, 2011 Results 8/2/11

MasterChef August 2, 2011, the top 8 chefs compete again. There will be a double elimination in this episode as no one was sent home last night. Who will these two home cooks be? Who gets kicked off MasterChef 8/2/11 results? It will be an interesting episode.

Last night, the contestants and judges went on a trip to the suburbs for a Bloc party. Two hundred hungry children were fed with those kids as the judge. The winner of this challenge was the red team comprising of Christine, Ben, Suzy and Tracy. Thus, Christian, Adrien, Derrick and Jennifer faced the pressure test. However, just as we thought Christian would be asked to take off his apron, no one was sent home.

So the show continues tonight with the top 8. What will be the challenge and who gets to be in the same team? Who will be in the pressure test? Who do you think will be leaving? Could Jennifer be one or is it Christian?

The two contestants if ever who was eliminated on MasterChef August 2, 2011 results will be here as this post gets updated.

Update: Derrick and Christine were eliminated;

Adrien, Jennifer and Suzy’s dish are the top entries in the first challenge

Jennifer wins first challenge

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  1. Ben, Derrick and Christine were in the bottom 3. Ben stayed in the competition. Christine was eliminated then Derrick was sent home.

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