MasterChef August 21, 2012 Results 8/21/12

Gordon Ramsay’s another cooking reality show is down to its top five and tonight, these home cooks will be taking on new challenges as they get closing to becoming the MasterChef. Who will win the challenges and who are in danger of going home?

The top five consists of Christine, Becky, Monti, Frank and Josh. David Martinez has been eliminated last week but he was offered a job in one of Graham Elliot’s restaurants. Even if he didn’t win, he got a job and that’s great, isn’t it?

Anyway, it’s the mystery box challenge and elimination challenge tonight, no team challenge. The task for the mystery box challenge is to create a dish that best represents each of the five remaining home cooks. There will be another game changing twist with this challenge. The one who will make a dish representing who they are will not be themselves, but their fellow contestants in front of them. They must get familiar with the new ingredients and make the dish.

Here’s what they got:

Becky got Josh’s box

Christine got Becky’s box

Monti got Christine’s box

Josh got Frank’s box

Frank got Monti’sbox

Becky will be committing a mistake and that’s forgetting the crispy chicken skin is in the oven. Will that cause her to be eliminated tonight?

Meanwhile, the elimination challenge will be about recreating one of Graham Elliot’s signature dishes. This is the Sashimi dish that he served to President Obama at his restaurant. In a limited amount of time, the contestants must be able to recreate that dish and for the first time, Gorday Ramsay is lost for words because of Christine’s dish, which comes out beautifully and delicious.

Again, the results will be posted. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. Who gets eliminated on MasterChef’s August 21, 2012 episode? Who wins the challenges? Updates to be here.

Update: Monti was eliminated! Thoughts? Detail will be posted later!  No one was eliminated. It should have been Josh but he was reinstated. Lucky guy, don’t you think?


They must choose their own 15 ingredients but the one who will cook it is the chef in front of them.

Top three dishes were made by Josh (Frank’s bread pudding), Monti (Christine’s Tom Kha Gai) and Christine (Becky’s pan-seared chicken).

Mystery box challenge winner – Josh. As the winner, he gets to choose which of Graham’s dishes will they recreate – Oprah’s corn bisque, Jay-Z’s Alaskan king crab and Obama’s sashimi.



They must recreate Graham Elliot’s Obama’s sashimi

Christine is the only contestant to make it perfectly.

Bottom three are Monti Becky and Josh

The judges have decided to eliminate Monti…

23 thoughts on “MasterChef August 21, 2012 Results 8/21/12

  1. Christine is a Ninja. Ninja is a warrior that you dont see. Christine is a warrior that cant see. But, the results are the same you are amazed.

  2. It’s rigged. It has to be rigged. Josh threw away his advantage, but they didn’t send him home. Why you ask? Because it’s all rigged. He’ll go all the way. He’s a little too lucky if you ask me.

    • I adore Christine and she is fabulous but let’s be realistic. Do you really think with her handicap they will pick her to win and run the kitchen at a major restaurant?? Don’t think so.

  3. did christine get eliminated or had to withdraw? in the preview for next week there was no christine and the commentator spoke of the 3 that are left josh, frank and becky.

  4. Christine is an inspiration to all. Hate to see Monti go but in the end it will be Christine and Becky or Frank and Becky. Either way they have all made it far and are sure to get hired at any restaurant!

  5. Enough of Christine. How come we never get to SEE her cooking. Only shots of her are her standing around or slicing something. You never see her doing anything. Why don’t we get to see her making her way around the pantry? I did like Monti. She has spirit. Well I will not buy Christine’s book as I don’t have a sous chef at my side doing all the work. I will buy Monti’s if she writes one.

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