MasterChef August 21, 2013 Results 8/21/13

I missed watching MasterChef but won’t miss it tonight so I’m going to post the results here. There are six remaining home cooks left. These home cooks will be taking on a new set of challenges – a group challenge and an individual challenge. Who will move on and who will go home?

The six remaining home cooks are James, Bri, Jessie, Krissi, Luca and Natasha. These six will face a team challenge, where they take over Wp24, which is a fine-dining restaurant in LA. They will be recreating some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes – appetizers and entrees. The pressure is on in the kitchen as there’s limited time to prepare, cook and serve the diners. A tough decision must be make on who’s the winning team.

The losing team will be facing the elimination round in which they must make a perfect plate of fried calamari with a side of marinara sauce.

Who will the judges decide to eliminate?

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Update: Bri has been eliminated.

TEAM CHALLENGE – Restaurant takeover. The must takeover an Asian fusion restaurant.

Red team – Natasha, Jessie, Luca

Blue team – Bri, James and Krissie

Winning team – Red team


PRESSURE TEST – cooking calamari

Bri has never tasted the calamari. Her food was raw and added lemon juice to her tomato sauce

Krissie’s dish looks like onion rings, tastes like funnel cake.

James has one of the best calamari though he forgot the marinara



Bri got eliminated. James was safe first. The judges chose between Krissie and Bri and decided to eliminate Bri.

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