MasterChef August 28, 2013 Results 8/28/13

An all new episode of MasterChef airs tonight and it’s going to be 2-hours episode, airing from 8pm to 10pm. What could be in store for us tonight?

There are five remaining home cooks left – James, Jessie, Krissi, Lucca and Natasha. These five contestants are going to face new set of challenges tonight including a visit from the judges’ kids. Yes, the judges will get a special help from their sons, who are going to stop by the MasterChef kitchen and be the judge in the mystery box challenge. Who will they choose as the winner?

Meanwhile, the contestants will also face the daunting task of recreating one of the greatest dishes the judges ever tasted. What could be the dish and who will be able to recreate it?

Then, there’s going to be a field challenge in which the five home cooks will visit a ranch to prepare one Southern-inspired dish as part of a special summer luncheon for local charity volunteers.

Two home cooks will advance to the top four and to the finals during the first part of the episode while the bottom three contestants are going to face a pressure test.

Who are going to advance and who will be in the pressure test?

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Update: James has been eliminated!


The judges’ sons are the special guests. They filled out mystery box. The winner gets an advantage in the next challenge.

Natasha made pancakes!

I thought the kids will be the judge but they left prior to actual tasting. The judges picked the top three – Lucca, Jessie and James

Mystery challenge winner – James



Natasha made Vietnamese soup. Her broth was too sweet.

Luca made a perfect soup according to the judges..

Jessie’s soup has depth and layer. Chef Ramsay didn’t like the sourness but it was good.

Krissie did a good job as well

Winner – Lucca


Bottom two – Natasha and Krissie. No one went home.



The contestants went to a far for the individual challenge. They must cook the requested meat for Paula Dean’s thank you luncheon. They must cook 5 different proteins for selected charity volunteers.

Lucca has the advantage of choosing the products. He cooks pork chops.

Jessie cooks alligator.

James cooks chicken.

Krissie cooks shrimp.

Natasha cooks catfish.


Everyone got good reviews from their dish except James.

Top two contestants as announced by Paula Dean – Lucca and Jessie. As winners, they get to decide which contestant will cook one of the judges’ very own dishes.

They chose Natasha who have to make Chef Ramsay’s dish.

Natasha’s food was good. Krissie made Joe’s dish but overcooked it.

James’ dish was delicious, which was supposedly Graham’s dish but he made another dish.



The judges decided to send James home. James said Lucca will win the competition.

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