MasterChef August 8, 2011 Results 8/8/11

MasterChef August 8, 2011, the six remaining contestants will be in for a treat as they have to run one of the finest restaurants. Everyone is excited but what if the excitement turns into a disaster? Who will get kicked off MasterChef 8/8/11 results next? What’s going to be the next challenge?

It’s going to be red team vs blue team. Suzy and Ben were talked by Chef Ramsay to focus, one in the kitchen and one in front, with Suzy as the captain. But she might freak out because of pressure. Would she be able to do fulfill her duties as the team captain? Which team will win the challenge and who will face the pressure test? Will someone be leaving tonight?

If we are going to guess, it could be Suzy who is going to be leaving. What do you think? Any predictions?

Anyway, we’ll provide updates as we always do. Find out who will make it to the top five and who won’t as he or she will be the next who was eliminated on MasterChef August 8, 2011 results.

Update: Tracy was eliminated;

Ben, Christian Suzy wins the challenge

Adrien, Jennifer, Tracy faced pressure test

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