MasterChef August 9, 2011 Results 8/9/11

MasterChef August 9, 2011, the second part of the episode this week will have the top five battle it out in the next challenge. Two ladies, three guys, who will be leaving next? Who gets kicked off MasterChef 8/9/11? Results will be provided here during or after the show.

In one of the challenges tonight, the main ingredients the contestants have to cook are ground beef, ground veal and ground pork. The homecooks find there’s nothing really special with it, but two will be preparing the same dish, Shepherd’s pie. Suzy and Ben are preparing it, but whose dish will be better?

It looks like Ben could be the one to be sent home. His Venison makes Chef Ramsay want to cry, not because it was so good, but because he annihilated it. The main ingredient was destroyed. However, we won’t know until the episode airs.

Looks like an interesting show tonight. Who do you think will be booted out? Is it Ben? Find out if it’s him or not who was eliminated on MasterChef August 9, 2011 results. We’ll update this post for it.

Update: Ben was eliminated;

Ben wins the first challenge (Shepherd Pie)

Ben gets to choose which dish to make – it’s Chef Ramsay’s Venison

Suzy wins the second challenge – she’s in the final four

Adrien, Christian, Jennifer – safe


16 thoughts on “MasterChef August 9, 2011 Results 8/9/11

  1. Omg! Ben was the only reason y I watched master chef. I actually thought he would win, but I think he shouldve stayed. Im so upset he was sent home.

  2. I am and was sooo heart broke Ben was gone. I about cried when he left. He is such genuine person.

    THEN to top it off Ramsey and the other judges never offered him anything. They offered the girl before him to go to a cooking school. He just seemed to put so much heart in what he did. How many of the others have messed up big time besides Ben. I thought the one left standing tortured the poor deer. It looked worse than Ben. I can’t stand who is left!!!!!!!!!

    It is going to end up between Angie and the blonde I don’t like. Heck, it is probably over. I am sure they are done filming.

    BAD judges Bad bad bad!

  3. I can’t stand Suzy…all she does is roll her eyes and the girl is not the best chef on there….I can’t stand Christian either….I’m sad that Ben left…..Adrien needs to go too….Now I hope Jennifer wins because that would show both Suzy and Christian they need to shut up and color

  4. Christian rules he ant going home he’s got a winners attude and winners don’t lose sorry Ben u douted yourself to much yall hate Christian cuz he knows he’s good and yall know it to if u could cook like that yall would be the same way so boo to yall

  5. Ben was probably the best cook on the show. They now have lost me to The “Closer”. I prefer Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares”. They will probably give this to Christian or Suzi. I have lost all interest in this show.

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