MasterChef July 10, 2013 Results 7/10/13

An all new episode of MasterChef season 4 airs tonight! After last week’s repeat episode, are excited to find out what are the challenges for tonight?

There are 11 remaining contestants left and for tonight’s two-hour episode, two of the contestants will be ending their journey. Who do you think will they be?

Eva Longoria is the surprise guest tonight and of course, the contestants are excited about it. The actress will be surprising the contestants and will be selecting a Mexican-inspired ingredients for the mystery box challenge. The contestant who will create the most impressive restaurant-quality dish will determine which food basket of the remaining contestants will receive in the elimination round. Who will win this challenge?

Meanwhile, in the team challenge, the home cooks will go to the beach and make fish tacos for more than 100 hungry surfers. The surfers will determine the winning team, who will get tickets to the 2013 MLB All-Star Game in New York City as the prize.

The losing team will of course, face a pressure test and must cook a perfect chicken breast in three ways.

Which will be teammates and which team will lose the challenge?

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Update: Savannah Sturges and Lynn Chyi have been eliminated!


MYSTERY BOX CHALLENGE – Eva Longoria as guest. She handpicked all the ingredients including pork, shrimp, spices and vegetables with a Mexican flair.

TOP THREE HOME COOKS – Bri, Eddie and Savannah.



ELIMINATION CHALLENGE – Bri is safe. She was shown two baskets of ingredients from Wal-Mart. She chooses Natasha to receive one basket with sweet potato, cauliflower, vintage ripe tomatoes, bell peppers, collared greens, fruits and veggies, plus a premium rib-eye steak with 30 mins to cook.

The other contestants got the other basket with ingredients for dessert including strawberries, eggs, milk, butter, sugar, strawberry gelatin, lemon, baking powder and bananas. They also have one hour to make a dessert.

Lynn – baked meringue with banana puree (worst dish)

Savannah – banana cream pie with meringue

Jessie – Shortbreat Tart with caramelized banana

Natasha’s rib-eye steak was impressive

Winner – Jessie.

BOTTOM THREE – Lynn, James and Krissi







The home cooks go to Huntington Beach to server 101 surfers some fish tacos as a meal.

Jessie chooses her teammates since she won the previous challenge.

Jessie’s team (Blue) – James, Eddie, Natasha and Bethy

Savannah’s team (Red) – Jordan, Krissi, Luca and Bri

Blue team – grilled mahi mahi taco with a chipotle ranch slaw

Red team – spicy blackened cod taco with picked onions and cabbage

Challenge winner – Blue team!


PRESSURE TEST – Gordon wants a Sauteed Chicken Breast, Graham wants a Southern Fried Chicken, Joe wants a Stuffed Chicken Breast with Prosciutto and Mozzarella.

ELIMINATED – Savannah – her Sauteed breast ends up bland and poached. The fried chicken was raw though the stuffed chicken was cooked properly.



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