MasterChef July 11, 2011 Results 7/11/11

MasterChef July 11, 2011 tonight will have the remaining 12 compete. There will be a guest judge. Guess who it is? It’s Whitney Miller, the winner last year. She’ll be one of the judges who will help decide who got kicked off MasterChef 7/11/11.

What’s going to be the next challenges for the home cooks? One of the three dishes will be chosen and the contestants must imitate it. Whitney will help judge the outcome. Will the judges be satisfied with the results? Who will win the challenge?

Who do you think will be sent home tonight? We are guessing it will be Alejandra. What about you? Anyway, we’ll provide who was eliminated on MasterChef July 11, 2011 results after the show.

UpdateEsther Kang was eliminated.

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