MasterChef July 16, 2012 Results 7/16/12

The 8 remaining contestants head to the rodeo for the next team challenge tonight on MasterChef. It sure can get intense as the home cooks prepare a meal for the cowboys. The winning team is safe from elimination while one from the losing team will be leaving. Who will be facing the pressure test?

The judges will put on their cowboy boots and take the home cooks to a Southern California rodeo for the team challenge. The contestants will be surprised to see Chef Ramsay and Joe Bastianich coming out to greet them riding on a horse while Graham Elliott will be riding a carriage.

Anyway, their task will be to serve steak with different side dishes for the 101 hungry cowboys. The blue team consists of Frank, David, Christine and Stacey while the red team consists of Monti, Felix, Becky and Josh. Frank and Monti are the team leaders. The blue team’s side dishes are corn and mashed potatoes while the red team’s side dishes are sweet potatoes mashed and beans.

Over at the blue team, while Joe acknowledges Frank’s leadership, he is concerned with way they are resting their steaks, stacking it up. The correct way is spreading them out. Meanwhile, the red team has ran out of sweet potatoes in just 5 minutes after the service starts and Monti was the one assigned to prepare for it. Thus, the servers Felix and Becky have no choice but to apologize to the cowboys who were not able to get the sweet potatoes. Will this cause the red team to face the pressure test? Which team will win this round?

The losing team will compete in a pressure test preparing 6 eggs in four different ways for only twenty minutes. Who will come up with the best dish?

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Update: Josh has been eliminated. Details will be posted later!

Blue team leader – Frank

Red team leader – Monti

Blue team’s menu – steak with barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob

Red team’s menu – steak with sweet potatoes and spicy green beans

Monti’s team ran out of sweet potatoes early. Thus, their team was outvoted and faced the pressure test.

Monti chose to exclude Felix from being eliminated.

Pressure test challenge – cook six eggs in four different styles – soft boiled, sunny side up, poached and three-egg omelet.

Josh only made the sunny side up without being criticized. All of his egg dish aren’t ok. Thus, he’s eliminated.

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  1. I liked josh he had good attitude and a ton of potential.. it makes me sad.. but Felix is my pick to win it all

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