MasterChef July 17, 2012 Results 7/17/12

There are 7 remaining home cooks left on MasterChef tonight. After last night’s team challenge and pressure test, the remaining contestants will be battling it out for the mystery box challenge and elimination test. Who will be sent packing next?

The chefs fed the hungry cowboys last night for the team challenge, with Monti and Frank as the team captains. Being the team captain, they were the one who decided on the menu, which must consist of steak and two side dishes. Monti opted for sweet potatoes mashed and spicy green beans while Frank opted for the traditional corn on the cob and mashed potatoes.

Monti’s team ran out of sweet potatoes after serving only a few cowboys and that was mainly her fault. They were not able to recover and lost the challenge. Being the team captain, she chose one from her team who should be safe from elimination and she picked Felix.

Monti, Josh and Becky were tasked to cook eggs in 4 different styles. They made omelet and poached eggs well but the soft boiled egg was a mess. During decision time, the judges picked Josh to be eliminated after struggling during the individual rounds. Do you think it’s fair to let Josh go home or it should have been Monti?

Anyway, for tonight’s episode, Paula Deen will be the guest chef as she joins the judging panel. She will be selecting the mystery box ingredients which include traditional Southern staples. The contestant who prepares the most delicious Southern-inspired dish will get a priceless reward. Then for the elimination test, the winner of the mystery box challenge will pair the 6 contestants to cook a Japanese dish. Who will win the challenge and who will be working in pairs?

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Update: Stacey has been eliminated. Details will be posted later!

Mystery Box Challenge – Paula Deen picks southern ingredients, with fresh chicken as the main ingredient. Also, the contestants got letters from their families and loved ones.

Top three dishes belong to Becky, Frank and David. Becky made chicken with fried green tomatoes and homemade biscuits. Frank made chicken roulade. David made red pepper grits and pan-roasted chicken.

Mystery Box Challenge winner – Frank.

As the challenge winner, he’s safe from elimination and gets to choose the partners for the next challenge.

Frank chose Becky and David, Monti and Felix, and Christine and Stacey.

Bottom two are Christine and Stacey. They didn’t complete their dish and the judges decide to send her home.

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  1. On Wikipedia, they posted the contestants in random order on the elimination chart but not so random as they are following each episode so if you look at chart, you will know who is next to be eliminated and who winner is.

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