MasterChef July 18, 2011 Results 7/18/11

MasterChef July 18, 2011 tonight will be aired right after Hell’s Kitchen 9 premiere. 11 aspiring homecooks will compete to remain in the competition but one of them has to go. Who will be leaving next? Will it be a male or a female contestant? Who gets kicked off MasterChef 7/18/11 results? Find out only here.

Last week,the chefs were split up into two teams where each team must prepare 300 luxury hors d’oeuvres to serve up to an elite Hollywood crowd. The losing team faced the pressure test where Esther was sent home. Tonight, what challenges will they face and who will be in the pressure test?

Have any predictions as to who will go home next? The contestant who was eliminated on MasterChef July 18, 2011 results will be provided.

Update: Erryn Cobb was eliminated;


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  1. i hate that he gave he gave his place for adrien. adrien better work his… stuff off or just not get eliminated next. or else.

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