MasterChef July 19, 2011 Results 7/19/11

MasterChef July 19, 2011 will have the remaining ten compete. The challenge continues as the home cooks prepare their next dish and impress the judges. Who will win the challenge and who will be in the pressure test? The one who lose will be sent home. Who will be the next to get kicked off MasterChef 7/19/11 results?

Last night, Jennifer won the challenge and Erryn was sent home. But the highlight was Christian, who seemed not to respect the judges and the contestants as he eats while the judging happens. We thought for a while that he’s about to be sent home but the judges didn’t.

So, who’s going to leave next? Will it be Adrien, Christian, or another female contestant? Updates on who was eliminated on MasterChef July 19, 2011 results will be posted.

UpdateGiuseppe Morisco was eliminated;

Team challenge winners – Adrien, Christian, Christine, Jennifer, Tracy

Competed in the pressure test – Alejandra. Ben, Derrick, Suzy


2 thoughts on “MasterChef July 19, 2011 Results 7/19/11

  1. I watched this show for the first time tonight. I’ll not watch again.

    The italian judge (Lidia) is a complete a**hole to the contestants. I don’t know what his problem is, but he treats people like second class citizens.

    I guess he must be a momma’s boy taking it out on everyone else. Such a jerk!

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