MasterChef July 2, 2012 Results 7/2/12

The 12 remaining home cooks will be going to the beach on MasterChef’s episode 9 for the team challenge. The contestants will be split into three teams and will compete in a food truck challenge. Which team will win and which team will lose facing the pressure test?

Three huge MasterChef food trucks arrive with each judge driving one. There will be one truck for each team and each will be assigned one type of cuisine. From there, they must create a yummy menu for those at the beach. The winner of the challenge will be team to raise the most money.

The Yellow team have Anna, David, Monti and Tanya. Their food is Texas styled burger and like in the other week, David will be making mistakes again as he makes a couple of raw burgers. His defense? He’s cooking burgers faster than they can serve them and that he’s not superman. That’s not the only issue on their team though, they lost 20 tickets and Monti is blaming it to David. But whose fault really is it?

The Red team have Stacey, Tali, Christine and Frank. Their food is tacos and seeing that the Yellow team has people, Stacey bolt out of their truck, run over to the skate park and tells people to go to their food truck.

The other team consists of Felix, Josh, Mike and Scott. What will be their food? Which team wins the food truck challenge? Looks like losing a couple of customers have a huge impact on the Yellow team’s chances of winning. Thus, it’s Anna, David, Tanya and Monti at the pressure test in which they must make tortellini. Joe shows them how to make it. He says it takes intuition and finesse to make the perfect one. Who will be able to perfect it and who’s in danger of going home?

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Update: Anna Rossi has been eliminated, I’ll post the details later!


Since Stacey was last episode’s challenge winner, she gets to choose her teammates. She chose Tali, Frank and Becky. They are assigned Mexican food. Aside from choosing her teammates, she gets to assign the other teams. The Yellow team consists of Monti, David, Anna and Tanya. They are assigned American food. The blue team are Christine, Mike, Felix and Josh. They are assigned Indian food.

Yellow team – Texas barbecue burgers

Red team – Taco steak

Blue team – Chicken tikka masala

Yellow team had issues with some of the burgers which was under cooked. The tastiest food was the Chiken tikka masala.

1st – Blue team

2nd – Red team

3rd – Yellow team



Dish – Tortellini

David made it perfectly while Tanya and Anna struggled with it. Monti’s tortellini was a bit better than the other two ladies.


Anna was sent home.


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