MasterChef July 23, 2012 Results 7/23/12

It’s the first part of the two-part episode on MasterChef’s 14th episode. A surprise awaits the top 6 finalists as the 8 previously eliminated contestants return. They won’t be cooking tonight. Instead, the eliminated contestants will be doing the mystery box challenge elimination test.

One of these contestants will get a chance to be back in the competition. They will select one ingredient to make up a mystery box and they must use all of the items to create a stunning dish. Not all will go through the next round though. The contestants will be trimmed down and only two hopefuls will compete head to head for a chance to win back their apron and looks like it’s going to be Brian and Josh.

The twist will be revealed to the remaining contestants that they won’t be cooking tonight. The last eight people that have been eliminated will be back for the second chance – Stacey, Josh, Tali, Tanya, Mike, Anna, Scott and Ryan.

When asked on whom he thinks doesn’t deserve to be in the balcony. Ryan thinks David Martinez don’t deserve it. Josh thinks he didn’t expect David Martinez to be there as well. Do you agree with Ryan and Josh?

Ryan made a pan-seared pork chop and the judges liked it. They think there’s a potential in him. Will he be back in the competition? Looks like the top 6 finalists don’t like him back.

Josh made chocolate mousse. Graham thought the presentation isn’t good but the taste is amazing. It was absolutely delicious. Will he get the second chance?

Who will be the two home cooks that will be given the chance to be back?

Again, results of tonight’s episode will be here. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for it. The home cook who returns and the one who gets eliminated on MasterChef’s July 23, 2012 episode will be posted.

Update: No one has been eliminated among the top 6 but Josh is back in the competition. The episode continues tomorrow night. Recap will be posted later.

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