MasterChef July 24, 2012 Results 7/24/12

It’s back to the top 7 home cooks once again on MasterChef as Josh returned after winning the second chance challenge for the eliminated chefs. But will his victory last long or he’ll be eliminated for the second time tonight?

Last night, the 6 remaining chefs didn’t participate in the challenges since the 8 most recently eliminated chefs returned for another chance to be in the competition. They competed in the mystery box challenge, in which each of them picked one ingredient which includes pork chop, chocolate, portobello mushrooms and condensed milk. Among the 8 rejected chefs, only 2 will remain for the final challenge but only 1 of the 2 could return.

The first four contestants who were sent home are Anna, Scoot, Tanya and Tali. Soon after, Mike and Stacey were also eliminated. Thus, Ryan and Josh were the final 2 for the fruit tart challenge. The judges for their tarts are the 6 remaining home cooks. They decided the winner based on a blind taste test. Thought both tarts are good, Josh’s tart was declared the winner. But how long will he last in the show? Are you happy that he’s back in the competition?

Anyway, tonight’s episode is the continuation from last night. The 7 home cooks will be participating in the mystery box challenge, in which they have to use their imagination to make a dish with shrimp as the main ingredient. Imagination must e used since they will have a very limited pantry and very little time to create their dishes. Who will win this challenge? The winner will choose the ingredient the remaining contestants must use for the elimination test. What will be this ingredient?

Who do you think will be going home tonight? Will it be Josh once again or it’s David or Monti who will be going home this time?

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Update: Felix has been eliminated.


Top 3 dishes belong to Christine, Becky and David

Mystery Box Challenge winner – David

Being the winner, David gets to choose the dish the remaining contestants cook. Choices are bacon, corn or beet. The contestants must incorporate the ingredient he picks for the dessert. He chose corn. He was given some examples of what dish to make with his choice – strawberry shortcake with corn bread and corn pudding.

David decides to make rice pudding but he forgot the rice. Rules says he can’t get back inside the pantry once he’s out.


David made rice pudding, but he forgot the most important ingredient – rice. Joe asked the home cooks who were willing to give him rice, Frank and Becky raised their hands. The taste of his dish? Disgusting according to Joe.

Worst dish belongs to Felix, David and Josh

Judges’ decision is to eliminated Felix.


13 thoughts on “MasterChef July 24, 2012 Results 7/24/12

  1. no one did see it coming. When a cooking show is guided by “political correctness”, and cooks that suck are given second, third, and so on chances to demonstrate how much they do not belong there, the show looses its viewers. I am done with this show. I like the judges but it is the producers and Fox that make these calls. David should have been gone weeks ago!!!

  2. You have to be really dumb to forget the main ingredient. i.e the rice for the rice pudding. David I predict is going home next week! Joe’s commentary on David’s rice pudding was priceless. Lmao

  3. Monti gone next week….results for season already on Wikipedia and have been following exactly on list every week. Already know winner, listed on top of list.

    • Why does that sound like bull to me? Unless you happen to be part of the show, there is no way you could know that.

      Do us a favor and don’t spout off like that unless you can actually prove it, and Wikipedia is not proof. Or better yet, don’t spout off anyway.

  4. Yeah I was glad to hear and see that Felix was eliminated. Now I want Becky and Christine to go off the show. Glad to see Josh made it back on the show. He shouldn’t have been put to the challenge by Felix, Becky and Christine anyway.

  5. @ drod78.. Did you do that to be spiteful for the rest of us who is actually interested in following along in the series?? Thx for spoiling it for the rest of us who were looking forwrd to watching next week’s episode…


    Just a bit of advice- no one wants to know the winner before the final episode Drod78 that’s the whole point of watching the show!!!!


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