MasterChef July 25, 2011 Results 7/25/11

MasterChef July 25, 2011 is a night of Ramsay’s reality show airs at 8pm ET while MasterChef airs at 9pm ET. It’s home cooks’ turn to shine in this show where elimination happens weekly. With only 9 left, who will be the next to be sent home by the three judges? Who gets kicked off MasterChef 7/25/11 results?

Have the skills of the remaining contestants improved over the past weeks? Will they be able to impress the judges tonight? What will be the content of the mystery box challenge tonight and who wins this one? Who will be in the pressure test later on?

Our favorite so far are Jennifer and Alejandra. Hope they get through the next round. What about you? Who’s your favorite cook?

Anyway, we’ll provide the results once again. Find out the home cook who was eliminated on MasterChef July 25, 2011 results.

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