MasterChef July 27, 2010 7/27/10 Premiere Recap

It’s MasterChef season premiere on July 27, 2010 and the show started with introduction of what the show will be about.  The judges are Chef Ramsay, wine maker Joe Bastianich and four star chef Graham Elliot Bowles.  The show is looking for amateur chefs that has the potential to be the MasterChef.

It’s the first auditions episode on MasterChef 7/27/10 and the hopefuls prepared their best dish trying to impress the judges and be able to make the cut.  Who among those who auditioned made it?

Some signature dishes didn’t make it, while some have personality problem like Dave from Boston.  The guy is noted for his oozing confidence.  Well, the software engineer made it! He got a yes from Joe and Graham while it’s a no for Ramsay.

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