MasterChef July 3, 2012 Results 7/3/12

Anna Scott was out of the competition last night. That leaves 11 amateur cooks to compete for the challenges tonight. However, not one but two contestants will be leaving. Who will these two cooks be?

The chefs were divided into three teams last night as they compete for the food truck challenge serving different cuisines. Even with a few customers at first, the red team was able to get some customers to buy their Mexican tacos while the blue team did well too with their Indian dish. Meanwhile, the yellow team, who prepared American food, got the least amount of money. If they didn’t make some under cooked burgers, I think they might have fared well. Thus, they are the losing team and faced the pressure test. They were asked the make tortellini with Anna and Tanya in the bottom two. Serving the pasta raw, Anna was sent home. Who will follow Anna tonight?

The mystery box challenge will be an interesting one as Graham Elliot will be joining the contestants, testing his own creativity and ability to work under pressure. Like the home cooks, he is going to make up his own dish using only the mystery ingredients. What ingredients could it be and what dish will he come up with? The winner of the challenge will have advantage at the elimination test. He or she could be safe from elimination while the rest of the contestants make up another dish for the judges to taste.

Tonight could be a tough episode since not one, but two contestants will be sent home. Who will these contestants be? I’m guessing Tali as one of the chefs to go home. How about you? Who do you think will be leaving?

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Update: Tanya and Mike were eliminated. Details will be posted later!


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