MasterChef July 3, 2013 Results 7/3/13

Many of you are asking why there’s no MasterChef for the past weeks. This is because of my schedule, but I’ve found a way and here it is now, I’ll be giving the results on the show starting tonight.

An all new episode of MasterChef airs tonight on Fox. There are thirteen hopefuls competing tonight but at the end of the two-hour episode, only eleven will remain. Who do you think will make it to next week’s competition?

Last season’s winner Christine Ha will be returning tonight on the show during the elimination round. She’s the first ever blind contestant to win on the show and many’s favorites, if I remember it right. Christine will have a big surprise for the contestants and find out what it is during the show.

Anyway, for the mystery box challenge tonight, the contestants must think on their feet when they cook, given a limited pantry with the most unexpected ingredient. What could be the available ingredients be?

For the group challenge, the home cooks are going to prepare an unforgettable meal for a wedding party. The winning team is of course, safe from elimination while the losing team will face a pressure test which involves macaroons.

Who are the home cooks Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot will send home?

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Update: This is re-run of last week’s episode. Lyn Beth and Jonny were sent home.

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