MasterChef July 5, 2011 Results 7/5/11

The top 13 contestants compete tonight in MasterChef July 5, 2011. What will be their challenges in this episode? Will there be too much drama again like last wee? Who’s going to be kicked off in┬áMasterChef 7/5/11?

Christian will be criticized by the judges., telling one of his dishes is strange. He’s being given a constructive criticism but he doesn’t seem to take it nicely, being arrogant and all. What will happen to him in this challenge where they have to prepare a no meat dish?

Which of the homecooks will be in the bottom three or two and is in danger of going home? Will the one to be sent home deserves it? How about the one who’s going to stay?

Updates on the homecook who was eliminated on MasterChef July 5, 2011 results will be here, as always.

Update: Jennie was eliminated;

Adrien, Jennie, Alejandra in the bottom three

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