MasterChef July 9, 2012 Results 7/9/12

There are 9 remaining home cooks on MasterChef and tonight, one of them will be leaving the show. But before that, it’s going to be mystery box challenge and elimination test once again for them. Which contestant will win the challenge and which contestants will face the elimination test once again?

It was a double elimination in the show’s previous episode in which the contestants must prepare pizza stone except for Becky who chose deep fryer since she’s the winner of the mystery challenge.

For the mystery box challenge, the amateur chefs will be faced with one of the most intimidating mystery box ingredients, “uni” or search urchin. The contestants must include this culinary delicacy into their dishes. The contestant who makes the most exceptional sea urchin dish will of course, have a significant advantage in the next round.

The chefs must be very careful in breaking the uni down as some of its spines are poisonous. How will Christine fare? It’s more dangerous than a live crab. Isn’t it? But of course, Chef Ramsay will be showing them how to break the uni properly. He tells them not to get intimidated by it. He shows them to nip the top, cut a nice smoothm round hole and take that out very carefully, then scooping the yellow meat.

Meanwhile, for the elimination challenge, the winner of the previous challenge gets to assign each of the remaining contestants one of the eight different types of fish. What will each contestant’s fish be?

Tali is going to sous vide his fish combined with a little bit of bacon fat and mustard sauce while David will make a devlied yellow tail with garlic aioli, potatoes and red cabbage coleslaw. However, the tuna will be completely raw, as cold as the ice in the middle. He chose to complicate the dish that he must hope it won’t take him down today.

Who will be the next amateur cook to leave tonight? While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the results. Will David be the contestant to get eliminated on MasterChef’s July 9, 2012 episode? We’ll find out tonight.

Update: Tali has been eliminated. Details to be posted later!

Mystery box challenge – the ingredient is uni or sea urchin.

Felix – sea urchin risotto

Josh – urchin pasta

Stacey – sea urchin sushi platter

Mystery box challenge winner – Felix. She gets to choose everyone’s fish. She chose halibut for herself.

Best dish belongs to Monti and Frank. Monti made John Dory while Frank made Indian catfish.

Bottom three – Christine, Tali and David.

Tali was eliminated.




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  1. They always say at least one will go home. If there was ever a time to send 2 of them home at once this was the golden moment. Both David and Tali should have got the boot as they both need to drop their cooking career aspirations. They both apparently have had too many friends and family members tell them how talented they are in the kitchen. Sometimes lying to avoid hurting ones feelings is not a good thing. This is 2 examples of such.

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