MasterChef June 11, 2012 Results 6/11/12

It’s Masterchef episode 3, tonight, June 11, 2012 and the top 18 contestants is revealed. It’s the final day of the auditions as remaining hopefuls compete for a spot in the top 18. Who will make it and who will be sent home?

The boot camp continues as the judges winnow down the competition in the final round of auditions. The stakes are higher for the 36 remaining hopefuls as they are put to the ultimate test in an intense ground beef challenge. Only half of them will make it to the top 18. They got to make the dish that could change their lives.

Some of the dishes that will be made are seared skirt steak, surf n turf, pan roasted chicken and grilled veal chop. The judges have mixed opinions on each dish. Some will get all NOs while some have a mix of YES and NO. Who will make the decision? Meanwhile, the guy who made the grilled veal chop even thought he will be given the apron. Chef Ramsay said no, Graham Elliot said yes so it’s Joe Bastianich to decide if the guy gets through. He brought out the white apron after saying he’s a sucker for veal chops. However, he said no which surprised the contestant.

One contestant named David Martinez, looked like Graham’s twin. Some drama happens as he says he don’t have the money to take his wife to the places they want to go. He says being on the show means a lot to him. Will he make it?

Another contestant, Stacy from Apple Valley California makes food as her outlet. She’s not afraid to do anything and thinks she’s going to win. Will she make it to the top 18?

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The remaining home cooks have only 5 minutes to prove they have what it takes to be in the competition.

Stacy – New York strip steak; Gordon – No, Graham – Yes, Joe – No. But they tried it again and Joe came out saying he tasted it again and for the first time ever, he’s changing his mind.

Rami – Scallops Florentine; Joe – No, Graham – Yes, Gordon – Yes.

More hopefuls showing their dishes. Most of them getting a no.

David Martinez – Joe – Yes, Graham – Yes, Gordon – Yes


The chefs with aprons are told that only half will go through. The main ingredient of their dish is ground beef. They got 60 minutes to prepare it.

The judges selected two groups of twelve from the top 36. Those at the right are in the competition while those at the left are going home. 12 are included, 6 remaining slots left. Ryan was included in those who made it to the next round.

The remaining chefs are called to bring their dishes to the front.

Dave, Anna, AJ and Tonya  are called. Dave made Italian beef taco. Anna made beef stuffed onion. AJ made orecchiette pasta with brocolli rabe and fennel meatballs. Tonya made persian kebab.

Dave, Tonya and Anna made it while AJ is sent home.

Christine, Bubba, Monti and Mandini are next. Christine made Thai basil beef. Bubba made ranch stew. Mandini made beef and spinach curry. Monti made beef rools.

Christine and Monti made it while Bubba and Mandini are sent home.

Next is Courtney, who made spaghetti bolognese. She is sent home

Rami and David are the last. The judges said only one of them will make it. Rami thought it will be him but the judges chose David.


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