MasterChef June 12, 2012 Results 6/12/12

The top 18 contestants have been revealed last night and tonight, on MasterChef episode 4, the home cooks are going to tackle difficult challenges beginning wit the first mystery box challenge for tonight. Who will make the most outstanding dish and who will be the first to be eliminated?

The 18 home cooks who made it are Anna Rossi, Becky Reams, Christine Ha, David Mack, David Martinez, Felix Fang, Frank Mirando, Helene Leeds, Joshua Marks, Michael Chen, Mike Hill, Monti Carlo, Ryan Umane, Samantha De Silva,  Scott Little, Stacey Amagrande, Tali Clavijo and Tanya Noble. We thought Rami the confident guy will make it instead of David Martinez but the judges decided to send him home instead.

The contestants will compete in their first mystery box challenge this season. They must create a unique and delicious dish using duck and bananas as the main ingredients. What dishes will they come up with and who will win this challenge? Who among them haven’t cooked a duck and who are the experts in making a dish with it as the main ingredient?

Meanwhile, they will be forced out of their comfort zone as Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot challenge them to cook an outstanding dish using unusual and intimidating ingredients. What will these unusual ingredients be? Who will make the best dish tonight and who will be in danger of going home?

Anyway, updates on the show will be posted. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the latest results on MasterChef and other reality shows. Who will be the first contestant to get eliminated on MasterChef’s June 13, 2012 episode at the first emotional elimination round? Results and highlights during the show will be here.

Update: Samantha got eliminated for making the worst dish which includes duck. At the elimination challenge, Dave Mack was kicked off.

Each amateur chef will have to prepare a dish using the ingredients in the mystery box assigned to them. The winner will get the advantage for the next challenge. The box includes duck breast, spices, fresh bananas and maple syrup. They have an hour to prepare. Then the judges will choose three outstanding dishes to taste.

They chose Ryan, Samantha and Scott’s dishes. Their three dishes stood out not in a good way. They managed to cook what the judges think as the worst dishes. The person who made the worst dish will have to give back the apron.

Scott was sent back to the station. Ryan says he’s not yet ready to go home yet, even before the judges said their decision. He’s lucky because the judges decided to send Samantha home. Ryan was sent back to the station.

Mystery box challenge winner – Felix. She made seared duck breast. She is in control of the first elimination test as she gets to choose the dish everyone must cook.

The dishes to choose from are Italian risotto, classic clam chowder and beef wellington. Felix chose risotto. She’s also safe from elimination and don’t have to prepare that dish.



Frank Mirando

David Martinez

They become the team captains in the next round of the competitions




Dave Mack

Helene Leeds

Tali Clavijo


Helene Leeds was sent back to the station.


The person leaving is Dave Mack.

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