MasterChef June 13, 2011 Top 38 Results 6/13/11

The contestants will be trimmed down tonight in MasterChef June 13, 2011 episode. The judges are going to select the top 38 for the next round. There will be two episodes tonight, but the latest will be aired at 9pm ET. Who will make it to the cut? Find out tonight.

Last week, the show started with an emotional audition with a pool boy named Dustin from Orlando who got three yes from the judges. Different persons from different walks of life made it and given the apron including Christine, Derrick, Esther, Alvin, Kyle, Tony and Alejandra. Some of them didn’t get all the judges’ votes but as long as two said yes, they are in.

Who among them, including those who auditioned from the the first episode will be included in the top 38? Find out tonight in MasterChef 6/13/11 results.

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