MasterChef June 18, 2012 Results 6/18/12

The amateur chefs will go on a boot camp tonight, June 18, 2012, on MasterChef’s fifth episode. There are 16 remaining contestants since 2 were eliminated last week. So from top 18, it’s down to top 16. They will be going on a culinary boot camp for the team challenge. Which team will win?

The military base camp where they will complete the challenge is Camp Pendleton in California. They must prepare a healthy and balanced meal for 200 servicemen and women. The marines will come in from different directions, coming in troops riding tanks and helicopters. However, seconds before service begins, Chef Ramsay spots a fatal error on the red team. David, who is responsible for grilling the pork didn’t cook it well. The red team have a few minutes left to cook the pork well while the blue team have everything under control. One of the marines will even complain about the raw pork served to him. David accepts the responsibility that his team is going down because of him. Is what he did enough to make his team lose the challenge? It doesn’t look like it since I’ve seen the preview and those in the pressure test are from the blue team.

Anyway, after the boot camp, the contestants will go back to the MasterChef kitchen for another intense elimination round. Their task for the pressure test is to make an apple pie and one of these contestants will be sent home. Christine Ha, the blind contestant, said she’s not experienced with making pie at all. She barely had 18 minutes to go and still not in the oven with her apple pie. She thought her pie looks like a pile of rubbish but Chef Ramsay said otherwise. It looks stunning and the flavor is amazing. With that, she is surely safe from being sent home. So who among the losing team will be in danger of leaving? Could it be Michael, Felix, Frank, Tali or Scott?

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Update: Michael Chen was eliminated.

The 16 home cooks will face their first team challenge. Their mission is to send back the marines into training with full stomachs.

Team captains are Frank and David.

David’s team – Becky, Pauline, Ryan, Monti, Anna, Joshua, Mike

Frank’s team – Felix, Stacey, Scott, Michael, Tali, Christine, Tanya

While the red team is struggling to organize, the blue team are already preparing their food. However, Michael is not good with grilling.

Gordon Ramsay checked the pork over at the red team and found out not one is cooked well. Meanwhile, the blue team is under control with their dish.


Red team – BBQ pork chops with cheesy potatoes

Blue team – Grilled chicken with pasta salad

Christine is running low on confidence since she was assigned to serve the marines. She has to feel the plates before she could place the food properly.

The blue team is running out of pasta while one of the marines complained of eating raw pork.

David apologized to the marines for serving raw pork. The girls stepped up over the red team.

Joe go with the Blue team to win while Graham go for the Red team to win.


The marines were asked to split. Those who likes the red team’s pork chops and those who liked the blue team’s chicken.


Challenge winner – Red team. They win by just 16 votes.


The blue team will face the pressure test. One of them will be sent home.


Frank gets to decide who he thinks should be safe from pressure test. He wants to save himself but says it should be Felix. However, Felix wants to cook. Frank chose Scott instead but he also refuses. He saves Stacey decides to join the balcony. The remaining contestants must prepare apple pie.


Bottom two – Michael and Scott

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  1. I was there at the filming… the Red team had about 3/4 of the votes but they made some of us get into the other line. Fun time and decent food, and we got out of work for a day.

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