MasterChef June 19, 2012 Results 6/19/12

After last night’s boot camp and apple pie challenge, the cooking continues on MasterChef tonight, June 19, 2012. They must prepare two kinds of dishes tonight. One for the reward challenge and another for the pressure test or elimination test. Who will be the next amateur cook who will be sent home by the three judges?

Michael was sent home at the previous episode for making a pie with cheddar cheese on top. The pie came out watery and the cheese dry. Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot chose between him and Scott and their decision was to send Michael home. If he didn’t top the pie with cheese, would he still be in the competition?

Scott was safe from elimination even though his pie was terrible. The filling was good which made him deserve another chance at the competition, but how long will he be safe? Will he redeem himself in tonight’s episode?

The 15 remaining contestants will be creating dishes using unconventional cuts of meat. That means, the cuts are unappetizing. It could be a tripe or a marrow or whatever. They must be resourceful and creative enough to prepare a dish that will come up delicious no matter what cut of meat it is.

Who will come up with a unique dish? No matter how unique it is, the taste must be spectacular to avoid being kicked off. I’m guessing Felix, David or Frank to win the challenge again. How about you? Who do you think will win this challenge? Who will leave the competition? Will it be Monti, who is underestimated?

What will be their next task? Updates will be provided, as always. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the results and highlights. The contestant who will be eliminated on MasterChef episode 6 will be posted as well.

Update: Helene was eliminated.

Mystery challenge winner – Ryan. The judges chose between him, Becky and Christine.

As the winner, he is now in control of elimination test. He gets to choose the main ingredients for the challenge. The first ingredient is about fresh from the see – tuna. The second ingredient is ham. The third and final ingredient is crabs which can sell up to $60 per gram. He don’t have only one advantage, but three. He gets to choose which ingredients everyone will cook. He’s safe from elimination. He chose the crab as the main ingredient his competitors are going to cook. He gets to choose which 7 contestants will cook using the fresh crab and which 7 contestants will cook using the canned crab. No more Mr. nice guy, strategically choosing what to give his competitors.

The contestants have 60 minutes to create a dish. They only have 5 minutes to get the ingredients for their dish.

Fresh crab

– Christine

– Tanya

– Scott

– Tali

– Frank

– Mike


Canned crab

– Becky

– David

– Stacey

– Monti

– Josh


Ryan chose a fresh crab for Christine and he’s smiling at what he’s done.

Tali’s crab – Graham says it’s like a horror movie. He put the meat of the crab into sauce.

Josh – Thai crab trio – Joe liked it.

Mike – crab bisque – it tastes like canned

Tanya – Thai green curry – a shining example of balance

Frank – his dish was not balanced.

Christine – cevhiche cocktail with tomato juice – Chef Ramsay asks her if she’s really blind because her dish is stunning.

Helene – dungeness crab soup with cornbread – she made it exactly like a canned crab.

Monti – scotch egg with a crab shell


Best dish – Josh and Christine. They will be team captains next week.

Bottom two – Tali and Helene

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  1. Felix should have NOT been eliminated!! David should’ve, due to the fact he had an arsenal of leverage!!! Bullshit Judges! You made a very poor desision last night!!!

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