MasterChef June 20, 2011 Results Top 16 6/20/11

18 contestants remain on MasterChef tonight, June 20, 2011. New challenges will be given as the competition continues and the contestants do their best to be in the next round of the competition. At the end, two will be sent home. Who do you think will be kicked of in MasterChef 6/20/11?

The judges are going to raise the stake to find out who can handle the pressure and who will crack under it. Who will survive? Who have the skills? Find out which contestants have skills sharp enough to advance to the next round.

A manager, a consultant, a truck driver, a freshman student, a manager, an attorney, a real estate agent,a single mom, a web developer, a travel writer and an architect are some of those included in the top 18. Tempers flare, enemies will be made. Some will celebrate victory and others will meet defeat. Which will those be?

Whose dream of being a chef will end? Find out tonight who was eliminated on MasterChef June 20, 2011 results.

UpdateAngel Moore-Soukkay and Mark Raffaeli were eliminated;

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