MasterChef June 21, 2011 Results 6/21/11

The challenge continues tonight in MasterChef June 21, 2011. The top 16 contestants are going to battle it out in another challenge to prove to the judges that they deserve to be the Best Amateur Cook. But do they have the passion and skill? Who won’t last and be kicked off in MasterChef 6/21/11?

Who will stand-out and wow the judges with their culinary chops? Who will wind up and be in danger of leaving? Last night, it was Angel and Mark who were sent home while Erryn almost got booted off. He said he’s not happy with the outcome but glad he’s still in the competition. Will he be in the bottom three again?

Our favorite so far is Suzy and Christian. How about you?

Anyway, updates on who was eliminated on MasterChef June 21, 2011 results will be posted here, as always.

Update: Tony Scruggs was eliminated;

Contestants from the winning team – Adrien, Alvin, Ben, Christine, Derrick, Erryn, Jennie, Suzy

Contestants from the losing team and competed in pressure test – Alejandra, Christian, Esther, Guiseppe, Jennifer, Max, Tracy

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  1. Who is out please? The last two minutes of our show were cut off because of a tornado warning in our area. Can anyone tell me?

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