MasterChef June 23, 2014 Results 6/23/14

The challenges continue tonight on MasterChef season 5 and the remaining 17 aspiring chefs will be competing for their next set of tasks. Who will be going home tonight?

Last week, Gordon Houston and Kira Novak went home. Gordon withdrew from the competition due to illness while Kira was simply eliminated. The judges felt that Kira’s lack of passion put her behind. Who will follow her?

Tonight, “steaks” are high and love is in the air as the contestants will prepare an upscale seafood menu for a beachfront wedding. This is one emotional challenge and tensions are high. But of course, both teams will be able to complete their dinner for the wedding guests. The question is, who will win this challenge? The losing team will face the pressure test featuring a traditional American meal with steak and fries.

Who do you think will be leaving?

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