MasterChef June 25, 2012 Results 6/25/12

It’s back to team challenge as the first task for the amateur cooks tonight on MasterChef episode 7. Being the contestants with the best dishes at the elimination test, Christine and Josh will be the team captains for the team challenge. Who are they going to choose to be in their teams?

The contestants will be going on a surprise trip and they will really be surprised as they are in for a rude awakening at a hotel where they will serve breakfast. Their task is to prepare a heart breakfast for the hotel guests within the given time range. Who will be able to finish serving the guests first?

The red team are Christine, Felix, Tanya, Stacey, Becky, Mike and Scott while the blue team are Josh, Monti, Anna, Ryan, Tali, Frank and David.

The blue team has been serving way more rooms than the red team at first and they are asked to lift it up. Christine is depending on Felix since she’s the only one who can look at the tickets and know what needs to go on each plate. She’s not pulling help where she needs and she’s trying to do everything herself. She has totally shut down and no communication going on between her and her team. If their team lose, will the blame be put on her?

Meanwhile over at Josh’s team, things might go from bad to worse as Joe receives a customer complaint for the blue team. One of the breakfast plates have a hair in it. Josh thinks it’s Monti but she says it couldn’t be her hair as it’s long. However, she’s the one who’s assigned on the breakfast plate. Who’s hair is it?

A power struggle will threaten their earlier lead as Josh tells Monti how to work it. The two will even argue about the pancake. The team dynamic is falling apart.

Who will win the team challenge and who will face the pressure test?

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Update: Ryan gets eliminated.

Team challenge – Christina and Josh as team captains. Their task is to deliver hundreds of hotel room service breakfasts.

The blue team is winning at first, having to deliver more orders than the red team. Felix gets overwhelmed with her assignment as the expeditor. However, the blue team becomes a mess as Monti and Josh keep on arguing with each other which affects their orders.

Challenge winner – Red team.

Elimination round – three contestants will be saved by the judges.

Joe chose David.

Graham chose Frankie.

Gordon chose Monti.


4 contestants to prepare Molten Lava cake – Tali, Josh, Ryan, Anna

Bottom two – Ryan and Tali. They were allowed to volunteer for elimination according to conscience.

Ryan volunteered himself.





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